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Welcome to my page !

Welcome to my page ! - Maurizio Cecchini Photographer

Ciao, Benvenuto on my website

I am going to translate for people who did not visited Italy yet, Hello, Welcome on my website !

I’m Italian born in Rome, living in London for 15 years and I have travelled around the world for my previous job, this is why I fell at home working throughout UK and abroad. 

During my first 20 years travelling around the world as Export Consultant I always brought with me my Nikon DSLR and I have shot Landscape, Street Photography, Urban Photography, Wild Life throughout my travel in Japan, China, Africa, Europe and Americas.

I have realised that my heart lies with Portraits and I love take photos of owners and pets, I love to capture your essence and your chemistry unforgettable when I freeze sparks come up from your eyes ! Pure Love !

When I left my consultant job I open my heart and creativity to Photography and together with professionalism and flexibility I am able to offer to my customers discretion, trust and confidentiality. 

My expertise doubled with Photography knowledge and together with my creativity that lives into my brains, I started to create controversial projects but never vulgar and my FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY became real. I am a FINE ART STORYTELLER.


PERSONAL EXHIBITION 20 MAY 2018 - Rome Italy - Maurizio Cecchini Photographer

You are invite to partecipate to my event named "Upside Down" - 'Sottosopra" in Rome on 20th May 2018 in Via Levanna 15,  00141 Rome, Italy

Event will start at 18.00 - Ticket will cost 10,00 euro

Unpublished shots of Maurizio Cecchini, popular tales, reality and dream, appearence and fiction, will come alive to the rhythm of the young music band "All Apologies". Live music that become the voice of beautiful photographs in a magical and secret garden. A fairytale translated into music and tangible through the images, everything blends, everything is turned "Upside Down". We are drawn back to childhood but alas remain adults, and allow ourself to be transported between sound and images in a dreamlike reality.

Siete invitati a partecipare alla mia prima esposizone personale che si chiamera' "Sottosopra", il 20 Maggio 2018 

Evento avra' inizio alle 18.00, ticket di ingresso euro 10,00 -  in Via Levanna 15, 00141, Roma.

Scatti inediti di Maurizio Cecchini, fiabe popolari, realta' e sogno, apparenza e finzione, prenderanno vita al ritmo di musica della giovane band "All Apologies". Musica dal vivo che diventa la voce delle splendite fotografie in un giardino magico e segreto. Una fiaba che si trasforma in musica e si concretizza nelle immagini, tutto si fonde, tutto si mescola, tutto si capovolge. Torniamo bambini per rimanere adulti. Lasciamoci trasportare tra suoni e immagini in una onirica realta.


BE SPOKE SERVICE - Maurizio Cecchini Photographer

I delivery a bespoke service and each photoshoot is specifically tailored to you and you will receive the highest quality photography.


PROFESSIONAL, INFORMAL AND DISCREET - Maurizio Cecchini Photographer

My approach is professional and informal at the same time because we have to work together to achieve the  “Perfect Photo” but to create your everlasting memories I have to make you comfortable and relaxed “Fell at Home”, sometimes is not so easy with your pets but I can make it ! 

Your story is unique and I will give you a photo to display on your wall or a luxury handmade album to enjoy with your friends for years to come.



I love to partecipate to international Exhibitions with my FINE ART printed on a special Aluminium Di-Bond that make them durable and similar to a picture, today my own photos spreads between Italy and London.