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Boudoir & Burlesque

Are you a Business Woman, Homemaker
 or a Couple

You want to spoil yourself with a Great Gift / Treat for an anniversary date, Post birth, or any time in your life when you want to celebrate yourself and your intimacy


The final product makes and incredibly personal and unique gift for your partner



£. 300.00

  • 3 hours photoshoot.

  • My minimum recommended time.

  • More relaxed time to get a variety of stunning portraits with different looks and moods.

  • 2 outfit changes and backgrounds.

  • Shortlisted images uploaded to a secure gallery for you to review and choose.

  • 15 of your chosen images retouched.

  • *Extra photos can be retouched and colour graded at a cost of £25 per photograph.


£ 300.00 (VAT INCLUDED)

  • 5 hours magazine style photo shoot experience.

  • Multiple outfit changes and backgrounds.

  • Make Up Artist 

  • Enough time to show you and your lifestyle.

  • Multiple styles, looks and themes.

  • Shortlisted images uploaded to a secure gallery for you to review.

  • 30 of your chosen images retouched.

  • Extra photos can be retouched and colour graded at a cost of £25 per photo.

£ 450.00 (VAT INCLUDED)

  • Up to 8 hours any location (Studio or Street)

  • Creating styled and themed new imagery for you to post over time to your business website & social media feeds

  • Creating a stream of images boosting engagement across multiple platforms.

  • Helping you inspire and connect more with your audience.

  • Showcasing your brand.

  • Creating images that show you as the best and only choice in your field - an expert that your ideal clients only want to do business with.

  • Unlimited outfit and background changes

  • Shortlisted images uploaded to a secure gallery for you to review.

  • Up to 60 of your chosen images retouched.

  • The ultimate experience where you can entirely re-brand your image and change how your audience perceives you


from £ 750.00 (VAT INCLUDED)

You will remember this experience in a Masterpiece


Your final images will be edited, retouches and digitally delivered to you within 48 hours


I work with carefully selected Professional MakeUp Artist to support you during the photoshoot


I will produce unforgettable photos that show off the best of the day


Meet Before the Event 

We will arrange a planning meeting to create your Mood Board.

We’ll then use your Mood Board to create a bespoke photoshoot

Event Day 

I will introduce the MakeUp Artist, who will assist you during the make over and the Outfit change overs.
Then its over to me to capture stunning shots of your day.


After the photoshoot I will work and edit your images straight away. 

I will edit and retouch to create Masterpiece images that you can review and comment on using our cloud based platform.


The client is granted a royalty-free license to use the images, in perpetuity. The photographer retains all copyrights and licensing rights of all images.

This means that clients can use the images as many times as they want, but not to sub-license to third parties.

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