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Describing with images a vibrant environment of launches and conferences will be the perfect advertising for attracting new clients and investors

WHO CAN HIRE ME? I help everyone from Start ups to Multinationals

HOW LONG? You can hire me for a few hours, a day or a week (Conferences) 

WHERE? UK or abroad

When your event comes to a close that is when my work begins to edit your photos


Your final images will be edited and retouched and digitally delivered to you within 48 hours 


I will find unique angles, the best lights and selected moments of the events, I will maneuver around the room without creating any distraction


I work with a carefully selected professional photographers and video-makers to capture the very best moments of your event

Every Event is different and I deliver a Bespoke photoshoot 

A special moment of your life captured in a Masterpiece

Events are part of my DNA and I love to capture the energy in the room


Meet Before the Event 

We will organise a Planning Meeting to agree your time- table. We will then use all that informations to create a quote tailored to you.

Digital Quote by email

I will send you a digital proposal, that includes a breakdown of the cost which we can then revise together. Once all parties are happy with the details we will get planning.

Event Day 

I will liaise with your venue ahead of the event to organize logistics, create a plan of action and then brief any collaborators to be prepared on the day. It is then over to me to capture stunning shoots of your event.


After the event I will edit your images and retouch them to create a memorable image that you can review and comment on using a cloud based platform.


The client is granted a royalty-free license to use the images, in perpetuity.  The photographer retains all copyrights and licensing rights of all images.

This means that clients can use the images as many times as they want, but not to sub-license to third parties.

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